Using Timely Data Is Critical for Valid Marketing Tests


Marketing leaders (defined as the top 20% of 1,700 large firms globally based on a composite score of revenue and market share growth) have built a test-for-results culture, using timely insights derived from experimentation to inform their decisions. They encourage the use of metrics with common definitions, and share the lessons among the marketing and commercial groups. In partnership with Google, Bain & Company surveyed the firms and found that, among North American respondents, the leaders are 1.7 times more likely than laggards to refresh data at least weekly and 1.4 times more likely to use data to directly inform decisions, often in near real time.

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Laura Beaudin is a partner and Francine Gierak is a principal with Bain & Company’s Customer Strategy & Marketing practice. Beaudin leads Bain’s marketing excellence work.