To Raise Pharma Productivity, Ask the Customer


With traditional routes to raising commercial productivity stalled, some leading pharmaceutical firms have found an effective alternative: focusing on the doctor’s overall experience. Doctors who give high marks for the experience are far more likely to prescribe the firm’s products. And the most practical way to improve the experience is to redesign and manage customer “episodes.” Consider how different episodes rate for satisfaction and the impact on prescription among US oncologists. While “I want to review clinical trial data” is important and delivered fairly well, others lagged. “I want to monitor and measure patient outcomes” and “I want to understand the reimbursement status of a drug,” for example, both have a significant effect on prescribing but get average or poor ratings, respectively. Those episodes are good candidates for pharma firms to redesign.

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Rafael Natanek and Jason Evers are partners with Bain & Company's Healthcare practice.