Davos 2018: Bain Breakfast Impressions

Bain Partner Josef Ming shares how a discussion on the elements of value inspired him and resonated with attendees at the Bain Breakfast during the World Economic Forum's annual meeting.

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JOSEF MING: What inspired me the most about the World Economic Forum this year was our Bain Breakfast, the way Orit introduced it and Eric presented the point of view, combining that with the CEO Jørgen from Lego and the CEO from Publicis, Maurice, and how they engaged the audience, and how they brought the topic of elements of value across, focusing on the brand, the courage it takes to open this up to the consumers, and then sitting at the table next to my client, who is the chairman of a major luxury group, and see how she internalized it, how inspired she was about yes, exactly, this is what we need. It was truly inspiring.

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