Davos 2017: Connecting Governments and Businesses

Jacek Poswiata, managing director of Bain Poland/CEE, discusses the importance of hearing from government and business leaders at the 2017 World Economic Forum. 

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Read the transcript below.

JACEK POSWIATA: When you attend some of those sessions and listen to the different points of view in what people say, you can relate and figure out what the future will bring to you.

In particular, [these sessions are connecting] governments and businesses that sometimes are not exactly aligned. But it's good to hear their voices. In today's world, there are some global issues and global problems that we need to face, and it's eye-opening to listen to some of those topics.

The other [important thing] is for us, and for me personally, to convince them to be here. [For example], I think there are not enough [representatives in] the Polish delegation. There are some issues being discussed here that cannot be solved by one country alone. And that's another thing that is important.