Social impact

  • As mama


    Organization: Provides an IT platform for parents to connect with each other and support picking up and taking care of children. Facilitates events so parents can get to know each other.
    Bain’s support: Fact-based analysis and three-year business plan development
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  • A day a dream

    A Dream A Day

    Organization: Organizes a 'dream' family trip to Tokyo for children with terminal diseases
    Bain's support: Fundraising strategy
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  • Bridge for smiles

    Bridge For Smile

    Organization: Supports foster children to become independent and self-reliant after leaving the foster care system
    Bain's support: HR management, organizational redesign, new business development
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  • child fund

    ChildFund Japan

    Organization: A member of ChildFund Alliance. Working in Asia since 1975 to support deprived, excluded, and vulnerable children, their families and communities.
    Bain’s support: Assessment of the East Japan Earthquake Emergency Relief and Restoration Projects
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  • Florence


    Organization: Provides “sick child care” services (non-facility-based system and monthly membership plan) to resolve issues which prevent working parents from balancing work with child-care
    Bain's support: Pricing strategy, customer and employee loyalty enhancement and capacity planning
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  • ISS logo

    International Secondary School

    Organization: Provides a quality special education program for students with specific, mild to moderate learning challenges
    Bain’s support: Financial diagnosis and performance improvement initiative development
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  • JVPF logo

    Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund

    Organization: Japan’s very first venture philanthropy fund which provides NPOs and social enterprises with mid- and long-term financial and management support to increase their social impact.
    Bain’s support: Due diligence and management support for its supporting NPO/NGO
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  • Komodo Community Care

    Kodomo Community Care

    Organization: operates a nursery houses in Kobe, providing Waldorf education for ~20 children, including physically challenged kids
    Bain's support: Conducted financial diagnosis and performance improvement initiative development to make the operation sustainable
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  • alt

    Médecins Sans Frontières

    Organization: An international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare
    Bain's support: Supported developing a 5 year brand and engagement strategy to expand engagement of Japanese general public
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  • Afterschool

    NPO Afterschool

    Organization: Runs “after school” programs to provide a safe, secure and fulfilling social environment for children, mostly at elementary schools
    Bain's support: Periodic management advice, financial performance diagnoses and performance improvement initiative development
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  • Polaris project Japan

    Polaris Project Japan

    Organization: Provides hot lines and survivor support for human trafficking victims in Japan
    Bain's support: Fundraising strategy
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  • Success

    SUCCESS (Support Unit for Childhood Cancer with Effective Strategy and Solution)

    Organization: Provides counseling services to families that have children with cancer and runs pediatric oncology clinical trials
    Bain's support: Business plan development to launch counseling service
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  • Teach for Japan

    Teach For Japan

    Organization: Recruits and trains recent college graduates and professionals of all backgrounds to teach for two years in public schools, aiming to build a society where all the children have access to high quality education
    Bain's support: Fundraising strategy
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  • TELL logo

    TELL (Tokyo English Life Line)

    Organization: Provides confidential support and counseling for the international community, including free phone counseling and information, professional in-person counseling and educational workshops
    Bain's support: Fundraising strategy and implementation support
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  • alt

    Tokyo Shure

    Organization: Provides an alternative school environment free of charge for students who have stopped attending mainstream schools
    Bain's support: Fundraising strategy
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  • Japan good toy

    Tokyo Toy Museum (Japan Good Toy Association)

    Organization: Exhibits quality toys (e.g. wooden toys) so that children can have hands-on experience with them
    Bain's support: Identified target customers, developed marketing strategy to increase visitors and supported implementation
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  • World Vision Japan

    Organization: Provides support for the children in the world who suffer from poverty, hunger, disaster and calamity of war
    Bain’s support: Assessment of relief needs after the East Japan Earthquake
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    *Organization name at the time of Bain's support

Fundraising and volunteering activities

JIP-Bain social contribution program

  • Donation program with Japan Industrial Partners Inc., a Japanese private equity fund
  • Focusing on NPOs in childcare, education, social welfare and medical areas
Santa Claus project
  • Provides children at foster homes with Christmas presents
  • More than 50 consultants participate every year