What we do

Based on its knowledge of a variety of different industries and experience working with global clients, Bain Tokyo seeks to find its own unique, concrete solutions by adopting multifaceted perspectives and new ideas.

Results_Tokyo_165x110 We believe that we can always produce tangible results when we address issues in collaboration with clients that are never satisfied with the status quo and constantly seek improvement. Through more than 5,000 projects to date, Bain has helped companies in every industry and region throughout the world develop successful scenarios that laid the groundwork for corporate growth and created corporate value.

Bain Tokyo sees business as a dynamic "living organism" made up of a diverse range of elements. As a result, the ability to see business from multifaceted perspectives becomes particularly important.

Bain starts by defining the most important issues. We then extensively analyze and investigate the facts that will serve as the basis for creating solutions. Last, we generate solutions based on realistic and flexible ideas. We work every day to reinforce Bain's structures for proposing solutions from a broad perspective by accumulating experience in the industry and with key management issues within its global network.