Professional development

We offer the best practical business experience there is. We invest heavily to provide training and tools both online and offline, in order to bring you up to speed fast. You'll gain a breadth of experience by working in a variety of industries. Over time, you can build expertise in a particular sector. You will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of cases, including corporate clients, private equity, venture capital, community projects and internal management.

At Bain, progress is based entirely on merit. Our system of regular reviews guarantees that all members of our firm receive performance evaluations and constructive feedback that enable them to grow professionally. We have a formal mentoring program that allows you to select an experienced person within the firm to guide you and provide valuable career advice. And we support our employees' personal aspirations, offering flexibility in tandem with advancement in the firm.

You may qualify for an international transfer among one of our global offices or an externship with a client.