Our culture

"Dynamic" is the word most often used by Bain’s international transfers to describe their experience at our office in Seoul. Here, people pursue their passions and rally their colleagues to participate in activities, with the support of Seoul’s leadership team. Some examples of how our culture is dynamic? The Bain Band plays familiar tunes with Bain lyrics at Bain events, wine enthusiasts organize "Bain & Vine" events and some of our colleagues who have children plan Seoul’s annual Family Day, when families visit the office. Our people also put great importance on pro bono work and community service.

Shared Values

While each of us is different, we are all grounded in our True North values, which extend beyond our client relationships. We maintain a "one team" attitude, and we are committed to helping one another achieve our personal career goals—and have fun together while doing so.

Seoul’s winning culture
Watch Dahlnae, a principal in Bain’s Seoul offices describe and demonstrate Bain Korea's annual chant.


We believe that teamwork creates more value and generates more opportunities than individuals working alone. At Bain, you'll be an active member of a case team from day one. You will work together to identify information sources, interview clients' customers and competitors, and gather and interpret data. Your work will drive action for the client and help management make the big decisions.

A typical Bain case team includes a partner, a manager, and a number of consultants and associate consultants. In many North American offices, you will work on two cases at the same time. In other offices, you are more likely to focus on one case full-time. Either way, you'll learn quickly and always be challenged. Mentorship at every level provides in-depth learning and professional development.