Applying to Bain Korea

We recruit at leading business schools and undergraduate institutions as part of the Bain worldwide system. In addition, we also hire people with industry experience.

Successful candidates will demonstrate sustained high performance in professional and educational settings, intellectual curiosity, a strong work ethic and excellent team skills.

Working for Bain requires very strong analytical and interpersonal skills. Bain consultants are trained to be strategy specialists, but remain pure generalists in terms of industries covered. No specific business expertise is required (although the most senior entry points do require consulting experience) as Bain will tailor your introduction and training program to your needs.

Recruiting channels

AC (Associate Consultant) & RA (Research Assistant)
MBA (Consultant)
Experienced hires

Recruiting calendar

Month Event Application Deadline
Mid-January MBA Summer Assocate Interview December
Mid-Late March Associate Consultant Interview Early March
Mid-Late September Associate Consultant Interview Early September
Late October MBA Full-time Consultant Interview October
On Occasion Experienced Hires Interview On Occasion

* Qualified consultant candidates are encouraged to apply online at any time and a suitable recruiting process will be arranged.
* AC candidates: please refer to the application process page for essay questions and application guidelines