Social impact

  • Ensina

    Ensina Brasil

    Ensina Brasil is part of the Teach for All global network (originally Teach for America), an organization with partners in more than 40 countries. In Brazil, its main mission is developing a network of school leaders with the power to impact the country's entire educational system. Ensina Brasil asked Bain for support when working to define its local entry strategy. We've worked with the organization on several fronts, including designing its recruitment process, allocating participants in Brazilian states' public school networks, developing its corporate strategy and budget, and designing its organizational structure. Ensina Brasil had a very successful first year and we believe this is just the beginning of a great history.

  • Vetor

    Vetor Brasil

    Vetor is a Brazilian nonprofit founded by Joice Toyota, a former consultant at Bain. Supported by major Brazilian foundations, its main goal is to develop and allocate talents to government posts to support high-quality public services for those who need it most. Our work with Vetor has included reviewing the NGO's strategy for the coming years, and working on key issues such as defining the growth focus, funding strategy, recruitment, the trainee program's full potential and more.

  • Endeavor

    Endeavor Brasil

    Endeavor is a leading global nonprofit with a strong presence in Brazil and a mission of encouraging entrepreneurship. Our global partnership with Endeavor has already produced amazing results. In our latest project, we partnered with the CEO to develop a nationwide strategy to promote high-growth companies in Brazil, as well as to redesign the nonprofit's relationship model with the most promising entrepreneurs in the country.