Why Bain

Challenging work

Challenging work and the chance to make a difference
At Bain, consultants often find themselves working on challenging projects in different industries and sectors. And it isn’t unusual for the scope of a project to change in the middle, requiring the case team to make adjustments. The challenging nature of our work offers our consultants many different experiences as well as the opportunity to take on more responsibility and makes it difficult for them to remain in their comfort zone—all helping to accelerate their professional development.

At the same time, working with managers, who are entrusted with broad knowledge about a project's scope, and partners, who are specialists in the industry, will give our consultants the confidence to know that the job will be well done. Our focus is always the same regardless of whether we are working for a big corporation or helping a nonprofit fulfill its role in society: Our team’s objective is to promote change and make a difference in our client organizations.

Finally, our consultants will have the opportunity to work side by side with important leaders at client organizations, helping them solve a wide array of challenges.


Enormous opportunity for learning development
At Bain our people are our most valuable asset, and therefore we invest a great deal in training for our staff throughout their entire career. So that all of our consultants can understand the unique and global culture of Bain, training programs are held in many different countries (US, Mexico, Thailand, Spain and so on), and consultants from all of Bain’s worldwide offices participate.

We provide training at each step of our consultants' career to help them develop the knowledge and skills they need for their fast-paced career at Bain. In addition, our consultants receive daily feedback and coaching from managers and partners, who have extensive work experience—another important aspect of our consultants’ professional development.


Fast-track career with high compensation
Bain is known for its rapid promotions and high compensation. At Bain Brazil, there are only five position levels: associate consultant, consultant, case team leader, manager and partner. New hires start as associate consultants or consultants, normally spending three years as an associate consultant and two years as a consultant.

Before working as consultants, associate consultants may wish to enroll in an MBA program at a top business school, such as Harvard, Stanford or Wharton. Choosing to pursue an MBA degree can exponentially increase consultants; salaries within five years. It is important to stress, however, that getting an MBA is a personal choice; it is not mandatory to have an MBA degree to continue your career at Bain.

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Cooperative and fun work environment
Working with results-driven professionals from the best schools in the region and the world on strategic issues is a great challenge. And, working as a team with top executives at client organizations to create lasting value entails a lot of responsibility.

To achieve the level of excellence that our clients expect, we believe it is necessary to have a pleasant and enjoyable work environment, with deep cooperation among our consultants. We have a saying here, which reflects our culture: A Bainie never lets another Bainie fail.

We know that we would never be able to deliver great results without the excellent teamwork that goes on daily at Bain Brazil. To promote a great work environment, we organize social and team-building events, such as happy hours and office retreats, to maintain strong connections in our South American offices. There is also the annual Bain World Cup tournament —which we all look forward to.

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International experience
Working for Bain is a real international experience. With nearly 50 Bain offices worldwide, you will be able to meet and work with people from many different countries—sometimes without even leaving your office.

Besides our international training sessions and the possibility of studying abroad at a top MBA program, Bain offers consultants the opportunity to transfer to another Bain office for six months. Our transfer program both enriches our global culture and our consultants’ professional development by allowing them to work in another country, gaining new and invaluable experiences. In the last few years, the São Paulo office has received transfers from Bain’s Madrid, Munich, Boston and Zurich offices. And we have sent our consultants to the offices in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Sydney.