Recruiting process

What we look for
At the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices, we look for consultants who are as enthusiastic and excited about our clients' businesses as we are—one of the many aspects that make Bain unique. We also look for candidates who have demonstrated sustained high performance in professional or academic settings.

We recruit from Brazil's most prestigious academic institutions and offer recruiting presentations twice a year, in February and August, on many campuses. For more information about our relationships with some of the top local academic institutions, visit the university pages on

We are also seeking highly qualified professionals with experience at other companies. All candidates must have knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel and PowerPoint). In addition to English, fluency in Portuguese or Spanish is required. More about what Bain looks for.

If you have any questions about the selective process, please send us an email to


To help us evaluate whether or not candidates meet our requirements, while also helping us contribute to their development, our recruiting process has two important phases: pre-interview screening and interviews.

A pre-interview screening may be required, depending on a candidate's background. This phase consists of two multiple-choice exams and a group dynamics simulation.

Multiple-choice exams
The first exam is based on the GMAT, which assesses reasoning skills and is used by graduate management programs as a criterion for admission. Our test has a total of 15 critical reasoning, data sufficiency and problem-solving questions, and candidates are given 25 minutes to complete it.

The second exam is based on actual business cases and evaluates candidates’ business sense and ability to analyze a business situation. The exam has 15 questions and must be completed in 45 minutes.

Take our simulation to see sample exams and test your performance.

Group dynamics simulation
Using a real business case simulation, this exercise tests candidates’ teamwork skills.

The simulations are generally conducted in the São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro office by Bain consultants, who will present a business case and evaluate candidates’ ability to work in teams. Candidates will work in small groups during this three-hour exercise.

Candidates living outside of São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro will have a conversation with a Bain consultant in lieu of the simulation exercise, depending on how many candidates in their region passed the multiple-choice exams.

Candidates who have significant professional experience or an MBA degree are typically exempt from the pre-interview screening.



Bain’s interview format involves a series of case interviews to help us get to know you better. Since each of the case interviews will entail a discussion of an actual Bain case, you will also gain some insights into what it is like to work at Bain. We encourage you to prepare for your case interviews.

Successful candidates will participate in two or three rounds, depending on candidate's academic background, of two or more interviews. The first two rounds will be conducted by experienced consultants or managers and in the final round, candidates will interview with Bain partners. At the end of each round, candidates will be informed whether or not they will go on to the next round of interviews.

The interviews begin with questions about the candidate’s experience and will test the capabilities on a business case. Candidates will be asked to solve a real case with the project manager, identifying the problem and providing a possible solution for the client.