What we do

Our consultants work alongside our clients' top management, and we approach their businesses as if they were our own. This ultimately empowers us to deliver significant and lasting results.

Our commitment to our clients' success is so deep that we pioneered the variable compensation model in the industry, in the form of success-based fees or profit sharing. That means that we align our incentives with their objectives and collaborate to unlock their full potential.

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Bain has extensive experience across a multitude of industries. Our teams are built in a customized way, combining industry-specific expertise with our practices' knowledge to bring our clients the latest business insights and perspectives.


Bain's consulting services are structured around our clients' most critical demands and opportunities. We deeply analyze all the details—without losing sight of the whole. We look at a business from the CEO's perspective and help our clients rediscover the value often hidden among a company's silos.