Social impact

KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program)
Bain's San Francisco and Palo Alto offices have teamed up with KIPP Bay Area Schools, a branch of the national KIPP charter school network, to improve educational opportunities and to close the achievement gap for low income students in the area. This effort is a multifaceted, multiyear partnership involving more than 100 of our staff (and counting) and has impacted hundreds of students who are striving to improve their lives by attending college.

KIPP first came to the Bay in 2002, eight years after its founding in Houston, Texas. Its presence in the region has since expanded to five middle and two high schools in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and San Lorenzo, serving more than 2,300 students in some of the most under-resourced communities in California.

The case work component of our work with KIPP is centered on optimizing a 10-year growth strategy, with a focus on maximizing the number of college graduates. In the coming months, the case work will likely shift toward formulating a fund-raising strategy and achieving financial sustainability. The office as a whole is involved in three other capacities: volunteering and mentorship, fund-raising and generating "office passion."

Community Impact Day
Serving our community is a rich tradition within Bain. Each spring, Bain's San Francisco and Palo Alto offices spend an entire day volunteering for a variety of local non-profit organizations to serve the cities and neighborhoods where we live and work.