Social impact

Bain Nordic is committed to contributing our time and skills to community work. The Nordic office is a partner to the World Childhood Foundation, helping to contribute to better living conditions for vulnerable children all over the world. Bain Nordic is also devoted to the environment and is involved in the Baltic Sea Action Group and the Nurminen Foundation.

Social sector consulting

childhood_logo_165x110World Childhood Foundation
The WCF is a NGO that aims to support children at risk around the world. Bain Nordics is not only a major donor to WCF, but we also have a long-standing relationship with them professionally. Our aim is to conduct one to two pro bono projects per year with WCF. A Stockholm Bainie recently did an externship for WCF for a duration of 12 months.

Environmental consulting

Baltic Sea Action Group
The BSAG is a NGO focused on reducing pollution in the Baltic Sea. Bain has an ongoing relationship with BSAG and recently helped them with an action plan.


Stadsmissionen Enter Mötesplats
The SEM is a NGO that helps teenage girls with social problems. Besides consulting and counselling, Bain in the Nordics has also reached out to offer more concrete help. Volunteering Bainies recently helped SEM move into their new location and are looking forward to new ways of helping the organization in the future.