Social impact

One of the tenets of the Bain New York charter is that "We have a positive impact on the broader New York Community." The New York office takes this commitment very seriously and engages in a number of short term projects while also maintaining ongoing relationships with CityYear and Inspire. Additionally, the New York office is committed to doing pro bono case work. In recent years, we have worked with the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) and the Alliance for Downtown New York.

At Bain New York, we take great pleasure in being able to take the skills that we develop working with our clients and use them to enrich the not-for-profit sector. The Community Works Group exists to help create opportunities for employees to volunteer and add value to the New York community as a whole.

The New York office conducts charity drives to help local organizations, including Dress for Success and Career Gear.

Bain partners with City Year to provide not only financial support but also business-related skill workshops, mentoring programs to corps members, and direct service to local communities.

Founded in 1998 by Bain and Monitor Associate Consultants, Inspire is a national volunteer organization that provides management consulting advice to non-profit organizations with a youth-oriented, education focus.