Pro bono case work

Recently, we worked for the NYC DOE to design and implement a performance measurement system for the support side of the agency. Although there were many available metrics for evaluating teachers, the DOE (neither in New York nor elsewhere) did not have a good way to judge the effectiveness of the administrative support provided in the schools. The Bain team created a robust set of performance measurement tools, encompassing all of the support functions of the DOE, using a principal survey. Previously no one knew what the principals thought about individual aspects of the support they received. The scorecard that we created was simple enough that it could be put in place immediately, and the team delivered a set of implementation binders that helped each manager continue to use and improve their measurement system. Joel Kline, head of the NYC DOE, was so pleased with the product that he presented it as Bain work to Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of NYC) and attended a Bain NY office meeting to express his gratitude for Bain's investment in the NYC schools.

Previously, the New York office did work for the Alliance for Downtown New York. The organization was founded in 1993 to provide public services to Lower Manhattan, and they eventually branched into also providing economic development and promotion/advocacy for private and governmental programs. After 9/11, however, the organization found itself rudderless, lacking a coherent direction, so they asked Bain New York to step in and help. To assist in determining a strategic direction for the organization, Bain did the following:

  1. Built a market map to determine what organizations provided what services to the area and how satisfied people were with those services
  2. Determined how to measure success for these service providers and surveyed staff members and stakeholders to determine how effectively each client of the Alliance was doing its job
  3. Developed a plan of action for which services the Alliance should focus on and a list of initiatives to implement in order to reach their goals
Our ultimate recommendation to the Downtown Alliance was simple - become active as an advocate on Downtown issues by creating an advocacy arm inside of the organization and build a round-table of supporting business executives who will speak through the Alliance on key issues like transportation and infrastructure. The Alliance implemented Bain's recommendations and has become a successful advocate for transportation issues, enlisting the help of many large businesses in the downtown area (e.g., Bank of New York, AIG, Depository Trust, Standard & Poor's, etc.).