Practical learning experience—with support
Bain people gain the best practical business experience. Working across issues, organizations and industries, we develop strategic insights that clients can act on, and then rally those organizations to action to make sure the results stick.

Delivering complicated, real-world solutions, like helping a diversified family group to improve its performance and return on investment; or evaluating where a private equity firm should invest and what capabilities it needs to be successful, is not easy. You will be challenged, but you will also be supported. At Bain, we have a saying "A Bainie never lets another Bainie fail." Ongoing mentoring, hands-on training, interactive staffing, personalized reviews, flexible work options and our collaborative approach will all contribute to your success. Learn more about Bain’s supportive culture.

International exposure
With 25 nationalities represented, Bain’s Middle East cluster of offices already feels very much like an international experience. Working in cross-office teams and partnering with clients outside our region further enhance our consultants’ international exposure.

Our team’s cultural knowledge is also enriched by Bain’s popular six-month transfer program, which brings colleagues from Bain offices around the world. Many of our Middle East colleagues also participate in this program and then bring their new cross-border knowledge and skills back to our offices. Our recent transfers worked in Singapore and San Francisco, and currently, we have visiting transfers from as far as São Paulo, Sydney and Munich.

Every one or two years, we are all given the opportunity to meet up with our peers from around the world at global training sessions to both strengthen our network and gain invaluable global experience. Learn more about Bain’s global training programs.

Diverse culture
Many people in our office speak multiple languages—some are fluent in more than three. Not only does our diversity lead to more varied viewpoints, broader expertise and better results for our clients, but it also makes our work environment fun. Our colleagues frequently organize initiatives inside and outside of work that make our jobs more interesting and rewarding. Our social committee, Casbah, for example, has organized desert safaris, catamaran cruises, iftar dinners and other social events throughout the year. And our Bain Cares team has coordinated book collections for disadvantaged communities, raised money for wheelchairs and launched the Middle East Green Team.

Opportunities at Bain Middle East
Our office is growing at a quick pace, so we are looking to hire the best and the brightest talent from across the Middle East and around the world. We are searching for people with a connection to the region, who have previous exposure to the Middle East or a strong desire to help us grow our office for the future. Successful candidates should demonstrate sustained high performance in professional or educational settings. Candidates with intellectual curiosity, infectious energy and a preference for working in teams should apply. Fluency in English is required; fluency in Arabic is a plus. Learn more about what Bain looks for.

If you are interested in a non-consultant position at Bain, look for opportunities and apply for a corporate role on our career website.