Undergraduate and master’s degree

We hire associate consultants (ACs) and associate consultant interns (ACIs) with strong analytical abilities and outstanding academic records. However, simply being eager, driven and smart will not earn you a spot on our team. Our team is made up of passionate people, who are uncomfortable with the status quo, who are supportive of one another and who like to have a little fun while solving real-world problems. Learn more about what Bain looks for.

Who should apply to be an AC?
We encourage undergraduate and master’s students who are pursuing the final year of their degree to apply for the AC position. Master’s candidates with up to two years of relevant professional experience should also apply for the AC role. Your AC level will be assessed during the interview process. Learn more about becoming an AC.

Bain Mexico City recruits for part-time and full-time positions in the fall and spring. Every year, during the months of August and February, we visit the major Mexican universities to hold information sessions and conduct quantitative exams. Applications are accepted from August through September and then again from January through February. Please check with your university’s career services office or visit your university’s page on JoinBain.com for the application deadline.

The Associate Consultant Intern (ACI) program is ideal for top-performing undergraduate students typically between their third and fourth year of college/university, who are considering a management consulting career after graduation. As an ACI, you will work part-time (25-30 hours per week) in consulting teams and office-related initiatives during six months. You will also receive formal training that develops your skill set and immerses you in a client-like setting. All ACIs are promptly assigned to cases and, like Associate Consultants (full-time ACs), focus on collecting data, executing the analyses and presenting the insights. In this role, you are exposed to a variety of business issues and quickly learn the fundamentals of Bain's core tools. Since the program considers part-time work while studying, the Mexico City office is currently accepting ACI candidates that are currently enrolled in a Mexico City College/University.

Quantitative exams are required for candidates interested in the AC or ACI position at Bain; however, attending an information session is optional. Students who are unable to attend one of our information sessions at a university may visit the Mexico City office to take the exam on a designated date. Please see the calendar inside the application kit for the schedule.

Please contact us for additional information about the AC recruiting process.

On campus

Bain recruits from the top universities around the world and across Mexico. Visit your university’s page for information about Bain’s recruiting efforts on your campus.

Apply now

We hope you will consider joining our Mexico City team. Please submit your online application on our career website: JoinBain.com. Fluency in English and Spanish are required.


Bain’s interview process involves a series of case and experience interviews to help us get to know you better. Since each of the case interviews will entail a discussion of an actual Bain case, you will also gain some insights into what it is like to work at Bain. We encourage you to prepare for your case interviews.

Candidates must take a 40-minute quantitative exam, consisting of 20 questions that are similar to those on the GMAT, either on campus or in our office. Those successfully passing the exam will move on to the first round of two or three 30-45 minute interviews.

First round
You will meet with two or three senior ACs or consultants on your university’s campus, in our office or over the phone if you are invited to interview with Bain.

The bulk of the first round of interviews will revolve around the discussion of Bain cases. Your interviewer will present a short business problem and then ask you to structure the problem and recommend a practical solution.

Your interview may kick off with an opportunity to share your achievements and future goals. You should also have time at the end to ask your interviewer questions.

Second round
Those successfully passing the first round will participate in a second round of interviews, either on your university’s campus or in our office. You will meet with Bain managers, principals or partners during this final round. The second round of interviews will consist of two 45-minute case and experience interviews.

In the experience interview, your interviewer will ask traditional resume and behavioral questions, as well as questions about a mini-case based on your experiences, to better understand you and your interest in Bain. If you do not receive an experience interview, you should expect experience interview-type questions in your case interviews.