Our culture

Flexible and supportive environment
Life as a consultant can be hard at times, but it is also very rewarding. Working with a team of highly talented people on some of the most exciting businesses issues keeps us motivated, even when the hours are long.

Our leave-of-absence and part-time programs allow our consultants to have more personal time when they need it, say, for the birth of a child, to take a trip around the world or to start a personal project. Many Bain consultants have taken advantage of these programs during their careers.


Bain affinity groups are active networks that underscore our inclusive work environment by offering their members additional levels of connection via coaching, mentoring and professional development.

Women at Bain Madrid supports our female colleagues in achieving personal and professional success throughout their careers at Bain by addressing the potential challenges that they may face and by fostering an integrative culture through informal dinners, workshops, breakfasts with female leaders and other activities. Contact us for more information.

BGLAD Madrid provides a support network for LGBT employees by facilitating regular informal communication and mentoring among its members and by increasing the overall awareness of GLBT issues in the workplace. We encourage you to contact Madrid BGLAD for further information.

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Outside the office

Activities5_Madrid_165x110Consultants at Bain are natural team players, and we are always looking for ways to strengthen our team spirit. At Bain Ibérica, we regularly organize social events toward this goal. Each year, our office goes on a multiday off-site, where entertainment is the top priority. In previous years, we have visited places like Marbella, Menorca and Sevilla.

Activities4_Madrid_165x110Our case teams are encouraged to organize social team outings. These events are opportunities for Bain Ibérica’s teams to unwind from their case work and spend some time together relaxing. In the past, activities have ranged from dinners to go-cart racing and from cocktail classes to a day at the spa.

Activities3_Madrid_165x110We also hold many events throughout the year, such as a gathering for Bain Ibérica alumni, Office Day (when we close the office to serve a charity or nonprofit organization in our local community), Christmas dinners and parties. In the Madrid office, two associate consultants are elected each year to lead the "Fun Club," which is responsible for organizing many different social activities: annual winter ski trips, dinners, cultural and sporting events and many others. The Madrid office also participates in Bain’s inter-company soccer tournaments.

The Bain Band: a tradition of institutionalized irreverence
Like many other Bain offices, Madrid has it's own Bain Band. The Bain Band was established to offer an escape from our work and unites us all in laughing at ourselves. The Madrid Bain Band, made up of six employees, is a group of very talented musicians (more or less). They are responsible for compiling the soundtrack for our annual celebration, which provides us with the opportunity to write and sing about our work with a fine dose of humor and irony while feeling like real rock stars for a night

Bain World Cup

Another annual highlight is the Bain World Cup. Soccer teams from all of Bain’s worldwide offices come together over a long weekend to compete for the Bain Cup. The teams are composed of people from all levels—partners, associate consultants, support staff, managers. We compete passionately to win during the day and party just as enthusiastically into the night. The Bain World Cup is always a huge success.

In 2007 Bain Ibérica hosted and organized the tournament in Madrid. 32 teams and more than 700 attendees from Bain’s worldwide offices spent the weekend in our city, enjoying beautiful weather and the best night clubs. A small team from the Ibérica office organized the event (including providing accommodation, transportation, social events and communication), which was a huge success. They even managed to secure Real Madrid facilities! But that was not the only big accomplishment—Ibérica beat Boston in the final! This was no small feat since the Boston office, which is Bain's global headquarters, is more than five times the size of our office. And in previous years, the Ibérica team had never even reached the final round. That unforgettable weekend lifted office morale and boosted our reputation among Bain’s worldwide offices. Then in 2009, Bain Ibérica went one step further, winning the Bain World Cup in London.