Formal training at Bain equips you with the tools you'll need to excel in a demanding job. The breadth of training is wide—from understanding a company's financial statements to learning how to effectively present insights to clients. Bain offers a "continuous learning program," which blends our regular global programs, held in locations around the world, with local in-house sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Specific skills programs
Whether you need to refresh your knowledge of corporate finance or hone your presentation or language skills, Bain organizes year-round local training sessions.

Core international program
Every year, our consulting staff spends one or two weeks attending intensive off-site programs with their peers worldwide. Recent training programs have been in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Cancun, Mexico, and Prague. These global training sessions will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge needed for your role at Bain. Some new hires attend one or two weeks of local training sessions, as well. Find out more about Bain's training programs for ACs and consultants in the tabs below.


Associate consultant training (ACT)
New associate consultants receive a full month of training in their first year. The first two weeks of training are in Madrid, and the last two weeks are in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where you will meet with your Bain peers from around the world. This training course is highly intensive, designed to rapidly provide the tools that you need to play an active role in your cases from day one. Because of its extensive nature, it is often called the "Bain mini-MBA."


Senior Associate Consultant Training (SACT)
After being promoted to SAC, you will complete a one-week international training program in either Cancun or Phuket, where you will also have the chance to reconnect with the colleagues you met at ACT or through your case work.

SACT is slightly more relaxed than ACT, and the focus is on training SACs to be more senior members of their case teams. During the training, it will be beneficial for you to have conversations with your instructors and other SACs regarding your future career plans. This is the point in your career when you may be considering an MBA, a transfer, an externship, or you may be directly promoted to consultant.


New Consultant Training (NCT)
The goal of NCT is to help first-year consultants develop the critical skills they need to build extraordinary teams, cultivate strong relationships with clients and make businesses more valuable. Through a combination of lectures, discussions and group exercises, new consultants will be introduced to analytical tools, and they will learn the skills necessary for success in the first 12 to 18 months on the job. NCT will also give consultants an opportunity to meet colleagues from Bain’s worldwide offices, build personal bonds and have fun, so they can return to their offices feeling energized and proud.


Experienced Consultant Training (ECT)
The goal of ECT is to equip senior consultants for success by giving them practical tools and helping them to build an internal network of colleagues. The five-day program is structured around one case and incorporates training sessions, discussions and exercises led by a Bain partner or an experienced manager. Consultants train in teams of five or six, with team organized so they are representative of the Bain offices present, as well as the educational and professional backgrounds of participants.