Career path


The associate consultant (AC) position is open to undergraduates who are pursuing the final year of their degree. Successful AC candidates must have an excellent academic record. And in order to gain the respect and confidence of both clients and team members, AC candidates should also possess solid interpersonal skills, the capacity to work well in teams, excellent communication skills and a good sense of humor.

Our objective is to contribute to the development of your abilities to help you succeed at the highest levels. We only recruit ACs who we consider to have the potential to succeed over the long term at Bain. There are no limits to how far and how fast you can progress professionally at Bain.

Your role as an AC
You will immediately have the opportunity to create value for our clients. You will participate in numerous analyses and client meetings. You will also be able to interview clients and their competitors, prepare presentations and actively participate in team discussions. In the Madrid office, teams normally are based at the client's office. Your colleagues and client contacts will be great sources of knowledge and advice when new and complex challenges arise.


The senior associate consultant (SAC) position is open to candidates who have up to three years of professional experience. We are not looking for candidates to have specific industry knowledge, as Bain hires and trains generalists. We are, however, looking for candidates with outstanding analytical and interpersonal skills, which will, in most cases, be demonstrated by your professional and academic achievements.

SACs and ACs have very similar roles, but the additional professional experience and maturity will allow SACs to be involved in higher-level client interactions and more complex business issues.

Training is always a priority, and SACs will benefit from the same training programs as ACs who have recently graduated from university. In addition, SACs will be provided with training sessions that are targeted at their specific needs. As with all of our consulting staff, their performance and progress will be formally evaluated every six months, leading to tailor-made development advice.

A SAC is typically promoted to a consultant after about a year of joining. At this point in their career, most SACs pursue an MBA at a top-tier school or take advantage of other opportunities such as an externship or a transfer to another Bain office.


We are seeking people with solid professional experience and an outstanding academic background, including an MBA degree from a business school with international prestige. Candidates must have the intellectual curiosity to solve problems and the confidence to propose solutions in a wide range of industries. The ideal consultant enjoys working in teams and has the energy and motivation that is required to work in a highly dynamic environment. Many consultants stay on at Bain to become managers and partners, while others go on to lead start-ups, venture capital firms and corporations around the world.

Your role as a consultant
As a consultant, you will directly engage with clients and take responsibility for attacking their most advanced and difficult problems, including understanding their competitors’ performance, assessing underlying market dynamics and dissecting the drivers of and finding the potential for financial returns. You will achieve this by performing rigorous analysis and then taking the next step to interpret the results to identify the problems and possible solutions. Consultants will also work with clients to create the consensus needed across their organization to drive change and achieve results.

Consultants will also be involved in activities to develop our office, such as helping with recruiting, experience sharing and training, and participating in social events and off-sites.

In your role as a consultant at Bain Ibérica, you will build upon your business knowledge and develop leadership skills by the following ways:

  • Developing the strategy behind a client's new market-entry, product launch or reorganization
  • Presenting that strategy to the client's executive leadership team
  • Advocating for the right set of actions to implement that strategy
  • Working closely with the case team to continuously improve the thinking, analysis and direction of the strategy

Although we seldom hire candidates from outside of Bain for the manager role, the ideal candidate will have achieved significant professional experiences that are directly relevant to our work.

Manager role
Managers take responsibility for delivering answers to clients and overseeing the day-to-day management of their case team. Managers are also responsible for the personal development, coaching and evaluation of consultants, senior associate consultants and associate consultants on their team.

In addition to project work, managers are responsible for the management of our office. These responsibilities may include matching interests of individual consultants with available cases, marketing, setting professional standards and training. Managers further act as mentors to more junior members of our office.


Typically, partners are chosen from within the manager group and are those who stand out because of their professionalism, leadership, entrepreneurial skills and the impact they have on client results.

Partner role
Partners are recognized as experts in specific industries or practices (e.g., full potential strategies, supply chain management, private equity). They have proven that they have the ability to help clients make sustainable improvements in their business and develop long-lasting client relationships. Working with the client and the case team manager, partners use their expertise, experience and relationship-building skills to facilitate and achieve breakthrough insights on projects.

In addition, partners strive to make Bain the "best place to work." They frequently hold discussions about how the organization of the office can be improved, seeking staff input during our office information sessions, which are frequently held and highly interactive. During these sessions, they also communicate Bain Ibérica’s strategy and other important office news to help staff members in their daily work.