Our culture

Culture has always been at the very centre of Bain London, and we are renowned for our fun, open and friendly attitude. We have regular social events to encourage communication and interaction across all roles and levels, including our annual summer event offsite. People who work at Bain London come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, of which we are so proud.

The Bain story is full of innovations, and Bain London has been at the forefront of many of them. For a start, we were the first office outside of the US and drove many of the European office openings in the following years. Equally importantly, it was a group in London who, deciding that they wanted to organise a friendly football match against their German colleagues, first created the concept of a Bain World Cup. It was a huge success and soon caught the imagination of the rest of the company. Today Bainies all over the world sign up every year to lead and take part in what is now a global competition featuring teams from most Bain offices. It has become the largest Bain event, beating partner, sector and practice area meetings by a mile, and attracts football fanatics of all levels, as well as those who are just as fanatical about upholding their office’s social reputation off the field!

Another early innovation was the Bain band. Our London band currently consists of a group of very talented Bainies, ranging from partner (drummer) to executive assistant (singer) and can always be found at the centre of all good Bain London parties.

Our people get personal fulfilment by delivering results and helping our clients become more valuable. This same motivation drives them to contribute their time and skills to work in the community. The London office encourages this involvement through our "Bain Cares" programme. Last year, over 70% of the office was involved in the local community in some way.

In terms of the day to day, there are always hundreds of things going on. A huge number of clubs are run and attended by enthusiastic London Bainies, ranging from theatre and wine-tasting to football and rugby. And then there are the community projects, ski trips, sponsored walks, jogs and marathons—the office is always buzzing.