Practical learning experience—with support
Bain people gain the best practical business experience. Working across issues, organizations and industries, we develop strategic insights that clients can act on and then rally those organizations to action to make sure the results stick.

Similar to other consulting companies, our consultants come from leading corporations and the best Italian and international universities and business schools. But we are unique in how our consultants work with our clients: Our consultants are trained and encouraged to make decisions, not prepare reports; they take risks personally, without the protection of client management; they are involved in making change happen, not merely satisfied with analysis; and they suggest aggressive and original strategies, not simply copy what competitors are doing. Our consultants are different—they have more drive, more enthusiasm, more creativity and less arrogance.

These differences in our philosophy and approach reflect the type of managers we tend to work with: They are more change-oriented, more entrepreneurial and less inclined to follow managerial trends or imitate competitors.

Differentiated culture
Our consultants are outstanding, well-trained professionals, who share a passion for results, show total dedication to our clients' success and find pleasure in working together. Our office atmosphere is informal and international—recent destinations for our colleagues participating in Bain’s short-term transfer program include India, Australia, London and New York. Although fluency in Italian is essential to work in either Rome or Milan, we host quite a few consultants from other countries, and more than 16 foreign languages are spoken at Bain Italy’s offices.

Opportunities at Bain Italy
Bain offers a truly unique learning experience. We invest heavily to provide local and global training for our new hires as well as online resources to help bring them up to speed quickly. Bain Italy actively recruits consultant candidates throughout the year. Successful candidates who have demonstrated sustained high performance in professional or educational settings are encouraged to apply. Fluency in both English and Italian is required to work in either the Rome or Milan office. Learn more about what Bain looks for.

If you are interested in a non-consultant position at Bain, look for opportunities and apply for a corporate role on our career website: