Career path


The associate consultant (AC) is an active team member and has direct client contact, with growing responsibilities. The AC’s main activities are related to research, analysis and synthesis under the guidance of more senior colleagues. The AC will learn and use Bain consulting tools and take part in all phases of an assignment.

Our training program includes both local and international corporate training, as well as coaching with more senior colleagues. The AC’s experience will be wide and diverse, with exposure to many different types of projects, clients and industries.


The consultant is an active team member who works in close contact with clients and leads work flow under a manager’s coordination. The consultant plays a critical role in managing client staff and is therefore essential to the overall success of any project. After about three years, a consultant who demonstrates excellent analytical, communication and entrepreneurial skills will gradually take on responsibility for an entire project and its team components and will be promoted to a manager.

Those consultants who prove to be suitable for a medium- to long-term career in consulting will be offered not only extremely competitive remuneration, naturally based on their results, but also an increasing share of Bain Italy’s profit pool.

All consultants take part in local and international corporate training, and their learning process is enhanced by on-the-job training. The best performers will also have the opportunity to spend six to 12 months working abroad at another Bain office to work with foreign colleagues and gain international experience.


While we seldom hire external candidates for the manager role, the ideal candidate has significant professional experiences that are directly relevant to our work. He or she has a successful career, demonstrating increasing managerial and leadership responsibilities in a blue-chip company or another international consulting firm.

We require our managers to have all the qualities that are expected of ACs and consultants. In addition, we expect them to take strong leadership roles on the team and with clients, have a proven track record showing they are capable of making things happen, show strong interest in developing others, possess an entrepreneurial attitude and demonstrate the ability to win the trust of client managers. They must also have the ability to learn and communicate Bain values.

Managers hold overall responsibility for an assignment and the team working on it. Managers also play a fundamental role in client development and share client responsibility with a partner. They contribute to Bain's development by taking on internal managerial roles and also develop know-how related to one or more industries and areas of competence by participating in worldwide industry and capability associations.

We offer all our managers a tailor-made development program, which includes training and involvement in research related to industry trends, new management techniques and so forth. The medium-term objective is to develop a personal reputation as an acknowledged expert in a practice area, such as strategy or organization, or an industry, such as retail or financial services.


Typically, managers who stand out because of their professionalism, leadership, excellent client results and entrepreneurial skills are promoted to partners.

There is no predefined limit to the number of partners at Bain, and we don’t have a specific ratio of partners to consultants. The promotion to partner is a formal acknowledgement and recognition of personal merit and a collective investment in our future.

Partners are responsible for client management and for contributing to the growth of our company, both internally and in the market. Partners meet with the top management of existing and potential clients and are accountable with their team for defining innovative strategies and achieving expected results.

Partners are acknowledged experts in one or more functional areas or industries, have state-of-the-art know-how and are often invited to speak at conferences or to the media to share, discuss and illustrate Bain Italy’s experiences and insights. Partners also play fundamental roles in several key internal processes, such as training, recruiting and coaching.