Frequently asked questions

How can I find out more about Bain?
Use our Careers website to find out about the type of work we do and how we make an impact for our clients. You can also visit our Meet our People page to find out about the typical working day of an Associate consultant.

Do I need to apply to one part of the business?
No. At Bain, you will have the opportunity to gain experience across corporate clients and private equity clients, transferring the knowledge and experience you gain in one area to others.

I want to start my career in another office. Can I apply via Istanbul?
No. If you want to start your career in any of Bain's other worldwide offices, please rank the offices of your choice first on your application. You will complete the recruiting process and be contacted by one of those offices. You can find details of all our offices, including how to apply, on our website.

I have no business experience and a non-business related degree. Should I apply?
Absolutely. We recruit from any discipline—business studies, philosophy, languages, history—you name it. We look for analytical ability and structured, logical thinking, not business knowledge or higher-level math. Consultancy is not rocket science, but you do need to be comfortable with numbers.

What does Bain look for in my application?
Your CV provides us with your detailed academic and professional background and enables us to look for specific evidence that you have the qualities we think you need to be successful at Bain.

We also value and review your cover letter to determine answers to overall questions about your application such as: What are you motivations for consultancy? Why are you interested in working for Bain?

How long do I have to wait for a decision after submitting my application or after my interviews?
As soon as we receive your completed application, we will send you a confirmation email. After that, we will contact you whatever the outcome, as soon as possible. If we feel that you may be a good fit for our company, we will contact you to schedule either your exam or interview depending on the position you have applied for.

We make every attempt to contact the candidates who interviewed with Bain within one week after their interviews. However, at times, the process may take longer, as we want to make sure we can hold a full debriefing before making a decision. We appreciate your patience.

What is a case interview?
The objective of the case interview is to give candidates a better understanding of our work process by simulating an actual Bain case. Candidates are presented with a business problem and then asked to structure the problem and recommend a practical solution using qualitative and quantitative reasoning. More information and a video can be found on our case interview page.

I am not sure whether strategy consulting is for me. Could I have an informal chat with someone from your consulting staff?
We frequently have informal discussions with potential candidates. Please contact the Istanbul Recruiting Team for further information. Visiting one of our recruiting events can also be a great way to find out more about consulting at Bain.

Is there a good time to apply?
We interview and hire year round. However, for current students pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degrees, we have specific Fall application deadline dates which we announce periodically on our website.

At what level should I apply?
If you have no work experience, please apply for an Associate consultant or Associate consultant intern role. If you have professional experience, please apply for the role that you see yourself best suited for.

Determining a candidate’s position level is part of our recruiting assessment as well. We will discuss this with you during your interviews and make any needed adjustments.

Are Turkish language skills a pre-requisite for a position within your firm?
Fluency in English and Turkish is required in the Istanbul office.

At Bain, will I have opportunities to gain international experience?
Yes. Bain consultants regularly attend global training sessions, which not only equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for their jobs, but also enable them to get together with their peers from Bain offices throughout the world. In addition, employees who perform well are offered the chance to transfer to a Bain office in another country for six months and Bain Istanbul regularly sends consultants to cases in other offices around the world based on business needs. There is also the possibility of pursuing an MBA at one of the best business schools, with the support of Bain sponsorship.

Can I specialize in an industry?
All of our consultants start as generalists and typically begin to specialize when they reach the manager level. We focus on helping our consultants develop a general manager’s perspective— which is invaluable in our work with clients. To this end, consultants work across industries on a variety of business issues early in their careers. However, we are flexible and our staffing model is interactive: We work with consultants to accommodate their interest in working in a particular industry. When our people reach the senior manager level, they will spend the majority of their time working in the industry of their choice.

What is Bain's True North?
The True North is a navigational point on a gyrocompass - an unchanging point of reference and grounding, despite shifting conditions and turbulent environments. For Bainies the True North means our focus on client results—even when it means recommending actions that senior management might not want to hear.