Career path

Associate Consultant (AC)
ACs find critical information, develop high-quality analysis and assess the most pressing issues. We invest a lot of resources in our ACs. For young professionals starting their careers, there is no better position to be in. Candidates from top engineering colleges typically join as ACs, and graduates of top Indian business schools join as experienced ACs.

Senior Associate Consultant (SAC)
SACs’ experience and maturity allow them to analyze more complex problems, develop deeper client relationships and take on more responsibility within the team. We offer SAC positions to students from select business schools, who have strong skills and relevant work experience.

Bain consultants are involved in all aspects of case work—developing a plan to solve the client's problems, executing the analysis, translating analysis into meaningful recommendations and moving the client to action.

Case Team Leader (CTL)
CTLs are managers in training. They manage the entire analytical process, become experts on a client's issues and industry, and recommend solutions that make a real impact. CTLs play a key role in moving clients to action.

Managers are the focal point of an engagement. They are responsible for delivering results to the client. From identifying the crucial problems to working out an implementable solution, managers take point responsibility for driving the client and case team to successful problem solving.

Partners take on larger roles with Bain’s global operations and develop new client relationships. They are also very involved in the work being done by the case teams, bringing their extensive knowledge and expertise to the table. Receiving a nomination for partnership is the ultimate acknowledgement of personal merit.