Undergraduate or graduate degree

Who should apply to be an AC?
We encourage undergraduate and master’s degree students who are pursuing the final year of their degree to apply for an AC position. Your position level will be assessed and adjusted, if needed, during the interviews. Learn more about becoming an AC.

We look for people with strong analytical abilities and outstanding academic records. However, simply being eager, driven and smart will not earn you a spot on our team. Learn what Bain looks for.

We hope you will consider joining our Greater China team. Please submit your online application on our careers site. Fluency in English and Mandarin is required with fluency in Cantonese optional.

Please contact us with any inquiries regarding AC recruiting.


Be an AC for the summer
The Associate Consultant Intern (ACI) program is only available to undergraduate and master’s degree students in their penultimate year. Bain's Greater China’s intern program is offered only during the summer months from June through August. ACIs who perform well during the internship may receive a full-time job offer at the end of the program. Learn more about Bain’s ACI program.

Applications for internship positions vary by school and geography:

  • For undergraduate students at North American schools who are specifically interested in applying for the ACI role in one of Bain's Greater China offices, please follow your school’s NA application deadline date unless otherwise noted on the school page.
  • For students who are attending schools in Greater China and other regions, the resume submission deadline will be in March 2017.

Please note, your application will be reviewed by all the offices you select as an office preference on your application. However, our policy is that students can only interview with one Bain office.

Please apply online for the ACI position on our global site, and indicate your office preference.

Interviews for students at US schools will take place on your school's campus, unless otherwise noted.

Interviews for students at local schools in China will take place in March 2017 in one of Bain's Greater China offices.


  • Strong academic background and analytical skills, high motivation and outstanding personal skills
  • All majors welcome
  • Must be a junior on track to graduate in June 2018
On Campus

Your university
Bain recruits from the top universities in Greater China (including those listed below) and around the world. Throughout the year, we organize several recruiting events to give you the opportunity to learn more about our dynamic culture, our results-driven work and the rewarding career opportunities at Bain (and even after Bain). These events will also give you the chance to introduce yourself and meet some members of our team.

Visit your university's page for information about Bain’s recruiting efforts on your campus.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Associate Consultant (AC)
We are recruiting for full-time AC positions. Applications are accepted year-round. If you are currently enrolled at a university, please check with your university’s career services office for your application deadline, or visit your university’s page on Bain.com.

Associate consultant intern (ACI)
Undergraduate students in their penultimate year at university should apply for the ACI program. The intern program is offered only during the summer months, from June through August.

How to apply
You will be asked to submit the following to complete your online application to Bain – your application will not be considered without all the relevant documents being submitted:

  • Cover letter
  • CV (1-2 pages recommended)
  • Unofficial transcripts (both university and graduate school if master’s candidate)
  • University Entrance Score (required for all states)
  • Weighted Average University Mark (both university and graduate school if master’s candidate)
  • Relevant test scores, including TOEFL if English is not your first language
  • Office preference(s) (select no more than three)

Bain’s interview process involves a series of case and experience interviews to help us get to know you better. Since each of the case interviews will entail a discussion of an actual Bain case, you will also gain some insights into what it is like to work at Bain. We encourage you to prepare for your case interviews.

Successful candidates will participate in a short multiple choice test followed by two rounds of interviews; each round will have two or three 30-45 minute interviews.

Written test
This is a one hour session before the first round interview, where applicants will be given a test with 25 multiple choice questions. These questions will test you on your skills of thinking logically, analysis, quants and any other capabilities related to being a consultant.

First round
You will meet with two senior ACs or consultants in our office if you are invited to interview with Bain.

The bulk of the first round of interviews will revolve around the discussion of Bain cases. Your interviewer will present a short business problem and then ask you to structure the problem and recommend a practical solution.

Your interview may kick off with an opportunity to share your achievements and future goals. You should also have time at the end to ask your interviewer questions.

Second round
Those successfully passing the first round will participate in a second round of written case interviews in our office. You will meet with Bain managers, principals or partners during this final round. The written case interview will require you to develop a recommendation based on the challenge described. It is important to keep in mind that there may be more than one potential action that your client could successfully take. Learn more about the written case interview.