Interview preparation

What is a case interview?
The case interview is an example of a real business problem typical of the kind our case teams work to resolve every day. For this reason, our interviewers prepare their interviews based on real cases and tend not to rely on brainteasers or theoretical problems. Cases involve qualitative and quantitative questions as well as real-world business situations. We do not strive to test you on business terms and expressions, current events or strategic "frameworks."

Instead, we evaluate you based on your ability to think about and structure an approach to solving a business problem, not on whether you get the "right" answer. A good case interview should be fun and thought provoking.

The case interview is only one dimension of the recruiting process, but it is typically the part that raises the most anxiety. We hope the information in this section will help you to prepare for the experience so that you can be confident and enjoy the interview.

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What is an experience interview?
In addition to the case interview, you may have an experience interview in which the interviewer will use traditional résumé questions, a mini-case based on your experience and/or behavioural questions to understand your past experience and gain an understanding of your interest in Bain. The behavioural questions involve asking you to describe your actions in a past experience in the context of a critical consultant skill.

Sample interview videos

Formal interview - example of a case study interview on Cruise Ship Co

Informal interview - example of how to answer a market sizing question (Weekly revenue of a cinema chain)