Dynamic culture
At Bain Atlanta, our people are energetic and innovative. We strive to maintain a close-knit and collegial culture. Our office is also committed to supporting the Atlanta community and undertakes at least one major pro bono project each year. Read more on our Social Impact page.

Bain Atlanta has an active "Esprit" committee, which sponsors events and activities each month to enable people to spend time together outside of their case teams. Bay parties, Friday summer lunches, the annual Bain Masters—where a mini-golf course is set up around the office and teams of two take to the course throughout the day—and a family Halloween party are just some of the organized gatherings we have throughout the year. Bainies have also fielded teams in local basketball, softball, and soccer leagues. Monthly office meetings with boxed lunches for everyone who attends help keep people connected and apprised of office happenings.

Opportunities at Bain Atlanta
Bain Atlanta is growing at a rapid pace, creating significant opportunities for top-quality candidates. We recruit associate consultants and consultants for full-time positions from top-tier universities and leading business schools. Summer intern programs are available to both first-year MBA students and undergraduate students (between their third and fourth years of school) who are looking to experience the real world of consulting. In addition, we seek experienced professionals looking to make a change in their careers.

Successful candidates demonstrate sustained high performance in professional and academic settings. Those with intellectual curiosity, infectious energy and a preference for teamwork are encouraged to apply. Fluency in English is required. Learn more about what Bain looks for.

If you are interested in a non-consultant position at Bain, look for opportunities and apply for a corporate role.