Our culture

At the office

Our office culture is friendly and informal, and "business casual" attire is the norm when no client meetings are scheduled. Numerous events and parties are organized throughout the year, ranging from office weekends to sports events and Friday night drinks. At many of our social gatherings, we enjoy listening to the Bain Amsterdam band, which was formed by five consultants in 2006. Our team spirit and camaraderie are fully evident at the Bain World Cup, where we have a reputation to defend, with two full teams competing in the tournament every year.

Case team events
At the end of each assignment, case teams celebrate their hard work with a special event, which is usually organized by two (senior) associate consultants. These events are opportunities for our case teams to unwind and spend some time together relaxing. In the past, we have enjoyed parachute jumping, spa retreats, car racing and cultural excursions—just to name a few.

Outside the office

Consultants at Bain are natural team players, and we are always looking for opportunities to strengthen our team spirit. Our regular social events play an important role in realizing this goal.

We have Friday after-work drinks at the Blooker Café, an annual golf event with a BBQ, Christmas parties, St. Nicolas parties with presents and poems, and a three-day annual summer retreat in a great location in Europe. One year, we traveled to Barcelona for our retreat, where we discovered the city on scooters, partied at night clubs and enjoyed local dishes as we dined at a Spanish wine cellar. Other retreats have included sailing in Lisbon and playing Highland games in Edinburgh. All of these events are organized by volunteer teams at our office.

We strive to make a difference wherever we are
Bain Amsterdam's entrepreneurial, youthful and energetic atmosphere allows everyone to make a difference. A good example is Amsterdam Cares, a local charity founded by one of our consultants. In 2009, Bain Amsterdam organized an auction to help fund a project to convert solar power into electricity for a rural hospital in Sierra Leone. Two of our consultants then traveled to Sierra Leone to help install the solar panels.

Bain World Cup

Amsterdam_team_bwc_189x126In the weekend of the 21st – 23rd of June, Bain Amsterdam had the honor of hosting the most exciting Bain event in our global calendar: the Bain World Cup. Each year, Bain offices from across the globe come together to enjoy a full weekend of (competitive) soccer, volleyball matches and the company of their Bain friends. More than 1100 employees and 71 teams from all of our offices worldwide attended this year in Amsterdam.

As host of the 2013 Bain World Cup, we sought to give the event our typical ‘Amsterdam office’ flavor. Among other things, it meant that all 1,100 participants dressed up in orange for our Friday night ‘Welcome to Holland’ party. The atmosphere was absolutely phenomenal as we all had the opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues we had met during past global training sessions.

The tournament started on Saturday morning and the Amsterdam soccer team maximized home field advantage by winning glorious victories against India, Los Angeles and New York. Despite our best efforts, we lost in the quarter finals against South America. We soon recovered, though by enjoying the wonderful lounge area on the pitch and watching the thrilling final – penalty shoot-out – between Paris and Boston.

To end the weekend, we gave our colleagues Amsterdam’s Finest Carnival in the heart of the city. It truly was a great opportunity to continue building our international Bain network—and to have lots of fun too!