Our clients

corporate clients

In business, it's vital to know where you want to go.

Without a clear strategy, businesses lack direction. At Bain, we work for corporate leaders—typically chief executives—on the most critical issues facing their businesses.

Bain works across a huge range of industries, from automotive manufacturers and telecommunications companies to media firms and financial services suppliers.

At Bain, we don't believe that the right strategy, by itself, leads to bottom-line results. Effective implementation is equally important and, where appropriate, we will support clients until bottom-line results are in the bank. Achieving results, rather than producing reports, is fundamental to the way our people think and work.

Our clients' performance is a good indication of our results-oriented work. Over the last 20 years, our clients have outperformed the stock market by 4 to 1.

private equity clients

Bain has advised on private equity deals worth a staggering £54 billion since 1997.

Private equity companies raise money to buy companies they believe they can grow or turn around. After a few years they may float them on the stock exchange or sell them to another business.

We work with our private equity clients on a variety of projects, from helping them to think through their overall investment strategies to recommending potential deal opportunities and advising them on specific deals.

Where appropriate we will continue working with the client post-acquisition to achieve full potential in the acquired business. We sometimes co-invest with our clients in opportunities that we believe to be extraordinarily attractive.

In Europe, Bain is the market leader in providing advice to private equity clients. In all, we have been involved in more than 50 percent of large European private equity deals by value over the last four years.