Practical learning experience—with support
As one of Bain’s newest and fastest-growing offices, we provide our staff with world-class work experience, training and coaching. You will work with top talent recruited from all over the world in a fast-paced, collaborative and energizing environment. You will play a key role in each of your projects as you and your team tackle the most important issues facing African business leaders. Through Bain’s formal training, staffing and mentorship, you will develop the skills to think like a CEO while building a crucial network of colleagues and alumni who will help accelerate your career. Learn more about Bain’s global training programs.

Differentiated culture
Our offices, in Johannesburg and Lagos have a very entrepreneurial, youthful and energetic atmosphere, allowing everyone to make an impact on office life from day one. We are a very international group, with more than 12 nationalities represented among our consultants. Outside the office, we enjoy challenges ranging from photography and marathon running to horse riding and travelling.

Opportunities in Africa
Our office is growing at a quick pace, so we are looking to hire the best and the brightest talent from across Africa and around the world. Successful candidates should demonstrate sustained high performance in professional or educational settings, logical thinking, pragmatism, and excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Those with intellectual curiosity, infectious energy and a preference for working in teams should apply. Fluency in English is required. Learn more about what Bain looks for.

If you are interested in a non-consultant position at Bain, look for opportunities and apply for a corporate role.