Economic Development


Our economic development work focuses on five sub-sectors:

  • Entrepreneurship: We partner with Endeavor to support high-impact entrepreneurs and catalyze vibrant, self-sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.
  • "Social-first" impact investing: Impact investors who scale innovative enterprises that deliver affordable, high-quality, critical services—such as clean energy, healthcare, education and financial services—to the poor.
  • Agriculture and livelihood: Organizations that enhance the livelihood of smallholder farmers by strengthening their capacity and integrating them into agricultural supply chains.
  • Workforce integration: Organizations that support the development and integration of marginalized groups—such as refugees and disadvantaged youth—into the economy.
  • Sustainable development: Innovative environmental nonprofits who work to preserve our world’s natural resources.

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Client examples

Accion Accion focuses on providing high-quality financial services to people around the world with traditionally limited economic opportunity. Bain helped define Accion's 2020 ambition, a strategic move that will help Accion significantly increase its efforts to find and grow innovative startups that meet the needs of the underserved, as well as broaden the range of financial services providers it works with to help them scale and maximize their impact.

Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency Bain teams partnered with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency to design and operationalize an accelerator platform to catalyze agricultural entrepreneurs and transform key agriculture value chains in Ethiopia. This initiative will create jobs, improve smallholder farmer livelihoods and contribute to the country’s goal of reaching middle-income status by 2025.

UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is doing critical work to serve the refugee population in an era of urgent need. Bain has partnered with UNHCR to translate their ambition to raise $1B by 2025 in private sector donations into a clear, actionable strategy. Beyond this important strategic work, Bain also helped them develop clear priorities for future corporate partnerships and revise the private sector fundraising office’s operating model to ensure a more agile and collaborative unit.

The Nature Conservancy We are working with The Nature Conservancy to address critical environmental issues, from water management in California to tuna scarcity around the globe. Bain is also working jointly with The Nature Conservancy to help one of the world’s leading agriprocessors reduce carbon emissions and lead the industry on sustainable supply chains.

Social Impact microsite banner - 720