B2B Digital Strategy

Bain's Approach to B2B Digital Strategy:

Bain Digital Radar℠, reconciles the doers, who want to make progress fast, with the dreamers, who are focused on the long term. It blends a practical set of near-term, high-impact initiatives with a bold vision for how the pace of digital innovation is likely to reshape the industry over time. Our approach follows three principles:

  • Narrow the field of vision. Most companies have so much going on that there’s no way to keep track of it all—it can feel like "1,000 points of digital light" and steal attention from the relatively few initiatives that could scale and have a significant impact. It is critical to define the company’s long-term digital destination, assess what the company is doing now and what it needs to do to get moving in the right direction.
  • Make progress over time with stepping stones. Break the digital vision into smaller initiatives that allow for step-by-step progress toward the digital future. Accelerate the first wave of initiatives and reassess what has the most promise before launching the next.
  • Organize along pathways. Coordinate and synchronize activities across six company pathways: Business-related (customer experience, product or service, operations) and organizational enablers (operating models, data and analytics, and IT).

The Bain Difference:

Bain helps innovative yet pragmatic executives develop an integrated and achievable digital strategy by:

  • Addressing both short-term actions and long-term vision, recognizing that your organization needs to stay competitive now even as it transforms for the future
  • Understanding that change is difficult, and building in the right change-management process to deliver real results
  • Leading your organization through a coordinated and time-bound series of waves to arrive at your digital destination
  • Customizing solutions for your organization using Bain’s world-class strategy toolkit, which integrates seamlessly with the Digital for B2B approach

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