Passenger Transportation

What we do

Bain's passenger transportation work includes engagements with leisure passenger transportation and mass transit, roadways and railways, as well as cruise and bus operators. We have helped companies in the industry optimize fleet utilization, improve regional infrastructure, successfully define their market and battlefields, and assess and pursue adjacencies—regional, vertical and customer focused—while bearing in mind their core business.

Bain's expertise in passenger transportation consulting includes work in the following strategic and operational areas:

We also bring a strong mergers and acquisitions and private equity lens to our work. Collaborating with our Private Equity group and Mergers & Acquisitions practice experts, we can help clients evaluate potential deals through due diligence and execute M&A and post-merger integration.

Our perspective

Bain works alongside transportation companies, at all levels of the organization, to plan where and how to realize full revenue potential and implement solutions that yield enduring results. We understand transportation customers and which modes work for them—how and when comfort, speed, flexibility and dependability affect selection. We translate that knowledge into practical actions, joining with client teams to target share of wallet opportunities by identifying the needs of their most valuable customers, creating services and products to serve those needs best and nurturing those customers as promoters—advocacy drives competitive advantage at faster organic growth and lower cost. We also work with businesses to manage operating costs and eliminate growth-inhibiting complexity, invest in IT systems and innovative technology to automate processes and track fleets, and optimize their organizations to make better decisions faster and create high-performance cultures.

Transportation companies are often interested in scale opportunities for economic advantage, which should not be underestimated; however, pursuing network and regional adjacencies and attractive segments and niches can also fuel growth. Bain combines rigorous, fact-based analysis and due diligence with deep understanding of competitors' positions and potential capability synergies to help passenger transportation companies make the most of game-changing partnerships—and avoid potential land mines.

Our team

We work as an integrated part of your team, from frontline to C-suite, to deliver true results and make the changes stick. We have a core group of senior passenger transportation industry experts that we deploy across the globe. We have conducted over a thousand projects spanning every major transportation subsector.

Our leadership team

In addition to the leaders listed above, we have an extensive and diverse team of experts ready to serve the needs of clients worldwide. Please contact us to submit a business inquiry.