Micro-battles System

Why Bain:

  • Bain wrote the book on the Founder's Mentality® and worked with companies worldwide to create Bain Micro-battles System for restoring insurgency.
  • Our method is based on our 18-year longitudinal study of sustained value creators, tested and refined in a three-year co-creation process in more than 35 founder/CEO forums around the world, and in workshops with 300+ CEOs and leadership teams.
  • We offer a tailored approach: Whether you’re a large incumbent, a fast-growing insurgent or even a struggling bureaucracy, Bain can help you preserve or restore your Founder’s Mentality.

The Results You Can expect:

Enhanced functionality: Immediately tackle key areas of dysfunction, so you solve key issues even as you build your team’s capabilities.

Star performances: Energize your star players by giving them the autonomy and authority to tackle your biggest challenges.

Informed strategy: Test and learn in the market to inform your strategy.

Improved execution: Restore cross-functional collaboration and get better at just "getting things done" and scaling solutions.

Customer focus: Bring the voice of the customer back to your executive meetings and reinvigorate your leadership team.

Insurgent spirit: Restore a sense of insurgency, frontline obsession and owner mindset throughout your organization.


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