Why Bain:

  • Our decadelong research identified the Founder's Mentalitythe behaviors that keep elite companies nimble and innovative regardless of size—and we literally wrote the book on how to preserve it as you grow.
  • Our Founder’s Mentality diagnostic tool helps you map your company’s route to scale insurgency. And the Bain Micro-battles System℠ helps you accelerate your growth by launching focused initiatives that deliver fast results and allow you to test and learn in the market.
  • Our approach draws on the insights gleaned from our Founder’s Mentality 100 Forums, which gather founders and CEOs to share their hard-won perspectives on addressing the challenges of growth.
  • We’re the premier adviser on corporate strategy and growth, and have worked with thousands of companies on strategy projects across geographies and industries since our inception.


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    Founder's Mentality

    Renew and reinforce your sense of insurgent mission, take practical steps to maintain your frontline obsession, and ensure that every employee acts like an owner.

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    As an entrepreneurial company, your greatest competitive advantage is speed. Keep that edge even as you grow larger.

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    Focus, not complexity

    Creeping complexity is the silent killer of growth. Stop it cold, and free up resources for your most profitable opportunities.

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    Scale insurgency

    Achieve the benefits of size and scale without sacrificing the traits that got you there so that you can continue to redefine your industry while other companies drift into complacent incumbency. Become the most attractive destination for top talent, and maintain the highest share of wallet, lowest cost position and                      fastest response to market changes.

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    A shared, noble mission

    Declare war on your industry on behalf of underserved customers, and keep your entire organization energized around this insurgent mission.


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