Bain Results Accelerator

Why Bain Can Help:

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    Streamlined planning

    Initiative owners are able to capture all of the information they need to track initiative progress and outcomes, manage initiative teams and surface critical insights, dramatically reducing bureaucracy and focusing the conversation on value realization.

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    Dashboards for Decision-Makers

    Customizable executive dashboards give leaders the information they need to make smart decisions. Leading indicators and value drivers are centrally located, and the dynamic interface allows leaders to drill down into the metrics that matter most.

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    Real-time monitoring

    Track business and execution risks with up-to-the-minute input from the frontlines. Embedded pulse checks and risk monitoring instill a “red is good” mindset by empowering initiative owners to proactively recognize risks and build risk mitigation actions into their plans.

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    Collaboration, simplified

    Team members around the world are able to work together securely and seamlessly. Conversations are saved and edits are tracked in the platform, eliminating the need to search through cluttered inboxes. Mobile access enables on-the-go collaboration and drives engagement.

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    Configurable interface

    The interface is easy to navigate, with flexible design and layout options. Configurable templates make set-up simple, and teams have access to technical assistance and a dedicated contact for ongoing support.

We were thrilled to see a tool that is so flexible and collaborative and that provides a really fantastic user experience. double-quote-close

- Bain client

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