Co-creation and Team Collaboration

Explore Bain's Approach to Co-creation

How do you get an organization to be fully aligned from the top down? Kevin Murphy, a leader in Bain's Results Delivery practice, explains Bain's approach to co-creation.

The Bain Difference:

By working at the heart of clients’ most important business problems, Bain co-creation is integrated at the right levels and in the right business context.

Bain’s co-creation leaders work with organizations to design and implement tailored experiences that blend the best business thinking, behavioral psychology and problem-solving techniques. Every aspect is considered—from content to physical space, visual inspiration, people dynamics, behavioral expectations and organizational engagement—and it's a journey that organizations go through over time. Bain's collaborative approach includes hands-on exercises that gather perspectives, make a clear case for change, spur commitment, build alignment and create guiding principles.

Explore Bain's Approach to Co-creation

Today for the first time I am confident that this team ‘gets it’ – they understand what we need to do and that it is achievable. double-quote-close

- CEO, media industry

Co-Creation Best practices

Bain's approach to co-creation encourages diversity of thinking and managing and exploiting tensions.

Bain & Company co-creation best practices

Co-creation taps into different skills that are often forgotten or underutilized: storytelling, visualization, immersion, making and more. Companies that embark on a co-creative approach are prepared to do something different, expect different outcomes and have fun.


Ultimately, co-creation delivers three key benefits:

  • Innovative insights. Connect the right, diverse opinions and create an interplay that encourages new thinking. Go beyond safe conversations—that only reinforce and repeat the current dialogue—to edgy conversations that open up new possibilities.
  • Cohesive teams. Go beyond the current relationships to shared understanding, greater commitment and robust alignment. Build greater willingness to listen, reflect and adapt. Become the team that is greater than the sum of its parts and that people aspire to be a part of.
  • Faster results. Build inclusion and engagement right from the start to minimize resistance and create momentum to deliver. Remove the gap between thinking and doing.

An intent workshop is a forum used to develop a compelling story that client leaders will use to capture employees’ and stakeholders’ hearts and minds in order to gain their energized commitment to a future state. Our collaborative approach is focused on co-creation through hands-on exercises that are designed to gather perspectives, establish a clear case for change, ensure parties are committed, build alignment on the intent, and create guiding principles.

An ambition workshop is a critical leadership conversation that builds the relationships, enthusiasm and collective sense of direction required to accelerate success and to provide input to the sponsor to make a decision on direction of change.


Bain offers an unparalleled and deep bench of in-house experts. We work as an integrated part of your team, from frontline to C-suite, to deliver true results and make the changes stick. Please contact us to submit a business inquiry.

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