Behavior Change / Center of Excellence

Why Bain:

  • Our practical, step-by-step approach is grounded in behavioral psychology and our study of change efforts at more than 300 companies.
  • Our research demonstrates that when leaders and frontline address critical behaviors together, results happen 50% faster and are 25%-50% higher.
  • Bain’s Behavior Change Center of Excellence builds the capabilities of our consulting teams so that they can effectively deploy our proven approach with you.


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    Create a plan

    Create a sequenced plan that links the most important behavior changes to the sources of business value.

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    Break barriers

    Directly address the most common barriers associated with changing behaviors, including mindsets and lack of reinforcements.

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    Build sponsorship

    Build a "sponsorship spine," extending from leadership to the frontline, that models and reinforces the desired behaviors in order to sustain the change.

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    Unleash power

    Utilize Bain’s Co-creation Approach, a way of working that unleashes the collective power of your people to deliver innovative insights, cohesive teams and faster results.

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