Agile Enterprise


Why Bain:

  • Our proprietary survey tool assesses your Agile maturity and identifies ways to deepen it.
  • We know how to set up Agile for success by aligning your organizational structure, accountabilities and talent systems behind it—and also have the experience to know where Agile isn’t the right fit.
  • We’re leaders in helping clients transform their ways of working through Bain Agile Innovation and Bain Micro-battles System℠.
  • Our Agile Results Delivery® process builds the leadership mindset and behaviors that set the stage for effective Agile transformations.


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    Autonomy and accountability

    Tackle your most critical challenges with cross-functional, self-governing teams.

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    Greater success rates

    Raise your odds of success: Project success rates using Agile methods are four times higher than those of traditional, non-Agile projects overall and six times higher for large projects.

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    Speed, flexibility and customer focus

    Outpace your competition, react and adjust quickly to changing market condition, continuously incorporate customer input and feedback.

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    Innovation unbound

    Unleash the power of innovation to build stronger processes and create products that truly wow your customers.

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    An Agile, more effective organization

    Fully embed Agile in your company while significantly improving your ability to manage changing priorities, increase team productivity and morale, and speed time to market.

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