Strategic Due Diligence

Why Bain:

  • Strategy is at the core of what we do at Bain—and how we assess your prospective deals.
  • We’re the market leading due diligence adviser, four times larger than our nearest competitor.
  • Bain has more than 400 trained professionals with experience in thousands of due diligence cases and deep expertise in specific verticals and investment types.
  • We’ve worked on more than 9,000 due diligence projects for corporate acquirers and private equity firms across industries and geographies.
  • Clients who choose Bain unlock more than double the revenue and cost synergies.
  • Our battle-tested tools and analytics help you realize the full potential of a deal and anticipate the integration issues that cause deals to underdeliver.


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    Deal thesis

    A strategic compass, based on a deep understanding of your business model, that focuses your acquisition efforts on what matters most to your company’s growth.

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    Objective reality check

    Bain provides you with an unbiased validation of your investment hypothesis and a data-based assessment of the deal.

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    Greater synergies

    Go beyond conventional wisdom to understand the true value of your target and realize synergies that exceed market benchmarks.

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    Integration planning

    Start planning your merger integration on day one of due diligence.

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