Mergers & Acquisitions

What We Offer:

  • Bain M&A Strategy & Capability helps you improve your odds of successful deals by honing your M&A objectives, building your M&A team and capability, and ensuring you have a repeatable process.
  • Bain Strategic Due Diligence provides a fact-based, rigorously quantified assessment that helps you ward off deal fever, spots synergies the market didn’t see and starts preparing you for integration long before your deal is inked.
  • Bain Merger Integration helps you mitigate common risks and offers a systematic approach to managing change for your business, people and culture, ensuring results that exceed your deal expectations.
  • Bain Divestiture Mobilization ensures that companies realize the highest-possible value from divestitures by helping them prepare the asset for sale, run a low-risk carve-out program and shape the remaining business to thrive post-transaction.
  • Bain Spin-off Solution ensures that companies realize the highest-possible value from spin-offs by developing the spin-off thesis, ensuring robust spin-off and transaction plans, and setting up both companies for success.
  • Bain Joint Ventures and Alliances helps you maximize the value of your joint ventures and alliances and build the internal capabilities you need to support them.

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M&A is in our DNA

Bain has partnered with clients for 40 years on more than 10,000 M&A-related projects. Nearly half our strategy projects involve M&A, and our merger integration clients realize around 18% more share¬holder value than typical mergers. Our work includes every major step in M&A—strategy, defining your deal theses, candidate screening, due diligence, merger integration, divestitures and spin-offs—across geographies, sectors and transaction types.

In short, we make sure you get the highest returns from your acquisition and help you build your M&A muscles so that you are positioned to make M&A a successful part of your long-term growth strategy.

The Bain advantage

  • Unmatched private equity expertise. Corporate acquirers that turn to Bain benefit from the expertise we’ve built as the leading adviser to private equity firms. Bain pioneered private equity consulting, and we are, by far, the top consultancy to US, European and Asian buyout funds.
  • Thought leadership. Bain’s experts are cutting-edge thinkers on M&A strategy and execution. We’ve written groundbreaking works on growth strategy and the role of M&A, and our latest insights are regularly published in leading business journals.
  • Digital strategy. Digital disruption affects M&A as well, from sky-high deal prices to tricky due diligence. Bain’s approach, Bain Radar 360SM, helps you cut through the hype to build a pragmatic digital strategy and an M&A plan that supports it.
  • Corporate finance prowess. We have extensive capabilities in all aspects of corporate finance to help you build the right portfolio, reassess your hurdle rates, and manage transactions efficiently and effectively.
  • Wealth of knowledge. We support your M&A efforts with knowledge based on decades of surveys, benchmarks, in-depth analyses and case studies stored in proprietary databases.
  • Synergy delivery. One of the top reasons that deals disappoint is overestimated synergies. We help leading companies use M&A as a catalyst for bolder change to deliver higher-than-projected synergies.
  • Repeatability. Successful acquirers develop a systematic and rigorous deal-making process. We call it repeatability, and it’s fundamental to our thinking—both on M&A and growth more broadly.
  • Working with Bain can help improve your odds of winning in M&A. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you have the M&A strategy and capabilities to support your growth ambition.

Bain Radar 360SM is a service mark of Bain & Company, Inc.