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The Bain Accelerated Transformation offers a proven approach for quickly identifying and delivering results. It is specifically designed either for companies that are struggling to meet short-term earnings target commitments or for those that need a boost to ensure their survival.

Executive teams facing these challenges may be tempted to pursue aggressive cost-cutting programs. But, all too often, those rely on a blunt approach that overlooks the nuances of company strategy, bypasses opportunities for productivity gains and undermines employee motivation in an effort to stack up savings. The result: companies wind up cutting organizational muscle, not just fat.

Bain Accelerated Transformation is different. It progresses in three phases:

  • Diligence: Thinking like an owner activist – someone who wants to build the best possible business for both the short and long term – we consider costs selectively. We look for those that could be cut and reinvested for future growth to advance a company’s competitive advantage. We rely upon a similar approach to that which makes us the leading partner for Private Equity firms and perform a quick, fact-based, top-down review to identify savings opportunities.
  • Design: We co-create a comprehensive plan with company management based not only on the company’s current state, but also their desired position in their market’s future state. We place the plan in the hands of company management for execution and build momentum by banking initial savings.
  • Deliver: We help the company execute plans and realize value, implementing a consistent and structured delivery cadence and tracking progress with proprietary software. With our Results Delivery® approach to change management, we also provide comprehensive training and coaching that embeds new capabilities and a new culture—placing the company in a better position to sustain a lean cost stance over the long term.

Accelerated Transformations identify and deliver bottom-line savings:

BAT NewspaperBAT Figures - 400 m
Savings generated by a media company’s challenging traditional KPIs and refocusing on the newspaper market’s future state (print + digital).

BAT Call Center BAT figures 15 percent
Increase in resolved service calls at a telecommunications company as a result of reengineering collaboration between the call center and field service units.

We believe that the long-term success of a transformation requires accountability and engagement up and down the organization, which will allow cost and productivity enhancements to endure. We hold ourselves to these same high standards. Maintaining our owner activist mindset, we work side-by-side with our clients to align our interests and share in their risks and rewards.

The Bain Accelerated Transformation is intended to quickly land a company back on its feet, at which point management will be better positioned to fund investments for an even broader transformation agenda—typically a set of strategy, product and customer changes designed to realize the full potential of the business. Bain Accelerated Transformation is one product in our suite of transformation services. For more information on transformations driven by greater strategic imperative, please look at Sustained Cost Transformation and Full Potential Transformation.

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