Product & Portfolio Management

Why Bain:

  • Our deep experience includes a wide range of industries and companies from midmarket to Global 100.
  • Our approach draws on the latest methods of offering design and development, such as Agile, design thinking and lean start-up.
  • We reinforce customer and employee loyalty at every stage, linking your offering management to Bain’s Net Promoter System®.
  • We help you build the talent capabilities and culture change required to transform your product management organization.


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    Winning offerings

    Our approach is not theoretical—we work closely with you to bring winning offerings to market that will set a new bar for the rest of the organization.

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    Cross-functional collaboration

    Transform how you work and eliminate functional boundaries with Agile teaming, design thinking and disruptive innovation.

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    Compelling experiences

    Break through traditional business unit silos and functional boundaries to create integrated offerings and compelling end-to-end experiences.

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    Cutting-edge technologies

    Embed cutting-edge technologies such as Internet of Things, machine learning and blockchain into your offerings.

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    New view of world

    Give your organization a new view of the world as markets are disrupted by new-to-world competitors that are rewriting the rule book.

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