Elements of Value℠


Why Bain:

  • We’ve researched consumers and observed their behavior for 30+ years, and our research has been featured on Harvard Business Review.
  • We’ve done groundbreaking research on value both in B2B and B2C.
  • We’ve identified 30 distinct B2C elements of value and 36 distinct B2B elements of value — and quantified their linkages to growth, Bain's Net Promoter Score and repeat purchasing.
  • Our approach can be applied to multiple business problems.


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    Product differentiation

    Raise products and services above commodity status.

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    Revenue growth

    Increase growth in new and repeat revenues by employing multiple elements of value.

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    Price optimization

    Optimize prices using a clearer understanding of how your actual prices compare to target prices.

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    Brand equity

    Strengthen brand equity by consistently delivering elements of value.

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    Boost Bain's Net Promoter Score℠  by employing multiple elements of value.

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