Finance Excellence

Why Bain:

  • Over the past decade, Bain has worked on nearly 700 finance projects across industries and regions.
  • Our proprietary approach draws on many aspects of Bain expertise—from Strategy to Performance Improvement to Digital.
  • Bain is a thought leader on major M&A and Corporate Finance topics.

The Results You Can expect:

Prioritization: Choose an investment posture that defines which finance subfunctions must be world class to support your strategy.

Performance assessment: Use Bain Finance Excellence Diagnostic to determine the gap between the current and desired levels of each function's performance.

Initiatives roadmap: Create a roadmap of initiativesquick wins, gains in efficiency, and important new or extended capabilities for your most strategic activities.

Results delivered: Reduce risks and ensure that changes stick using our proprietary Results Delivery® approach.

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®Results Delivery is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc.