Career flexibility

Our unique home staffing model means that you'll spend a large amount of time in your local office, and we want you to feel at home there. As every week is different, and as you alternate between high­-tempo casework and quieter days, there are plenty of opportunities to unwind and socialize.

Need a break or have some downtime? Grab a game of Ping­-Pong or catch up on March Madness or Champions League football in our TV rooms. Most of our offices are located in excellent downtown locations, so popping out for a yoga class, going for a run or relaxing in a local park are all readily available options and absolutely encouraged. When you're busy, working from local coffee shops or home—if that's where you're most productive—is fine with us, too.

We also recognize that your priorities can shift as you journey through life, so we offer flexible options to ensure you can have a long-­lasting, fulfilling career at Bain. To achieve this, we offer several programs to help you customize your Bain career:

  • "Take Two" extended breaks which allows interested and eligible Bain employees to take an extended break (typically two months) to rejuvenate and/or fulfill personal goals.
  • Sabbaticals and leaves of absence for when life pulls you in different directions.
  • Part-time and job-sharing options for when family, career, or personal needs have to be a priority.