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Partner, Hong Kong

Kiki is a Partner at Bain and leads Greater China’s Private Equity practice. She joined the firm in 2005 as a consultant from the Wharton School. Kiki lives in Hong Kong with her husband and three children.

She has more than 15 years of consulting and investment banking experience, working extensively with multinational and local clients to address their most pressing strategic issues.

What does thriving mean to you?

Thriving in my career means I feel great about what I am doing and I am doing something I am great at. It also means the “whole package”: continued learning at work, creating client assets and results, being humbled by the amazing talent we have, as well as finding time to be present with my family (time devoted to the family without being distracted by work).

Where do you get energy from?

The people we have at Bain!

My mentors: I have had a number of official and unofficial mentors throughout my Bain career. Not only did they provide me with work-related advice, many also gave me advice on life topics such as school selections and even fitness program recommendations!

My teams: Being with my teams also gives me a lot of energy. I am constantly amazed at the talent we attract at Bain. Just recently a couple of ACs taught me all the things I need to know for a client pitch in China’s online literature space!

What are some of the most important decisions you have made over the course of your career to better enable you to thrive? 

I think knowing my limits was an important lesson for me and led to my decision to take a non-client facing part-time role after the birth of my first child. Mentally I just wasn’t ready to come back and I realized it was OK to act on this. Going back to client work after this non-client facing role was also a key decision point. After a 5-month stint as a staffing officer, I came back to be a full-time client facing CTL when my son was 9 months old. It was also a local case which was why I jumped on the opportunity when I saw it. Even to this day, I am very strategic about the clients and projects that I pursue. I am very purposeful in prioritizing the clients that I want to work with, the types of cases, and also the sacrifice I need to make to work on these opportunities. Needless to say, travel can be tricky when it comes to thriving (and has impact on my family), so I am selective and thoughtful in what clients I work for to make sure I am making the right trade-offs.